Specific benefits

Investor currently receives multiple statements and often from various financial institutions making it very difficult to manage. Account consolidation and analysis.
  • Improved investment decision making.
  • Enhanced risk control.
  • Competitive analysis among financial institutions.
Unreasonable amount of time spent communicating with sales representatives at various financial institutions in an unproductive fashion. Central Family Advisors can act as the family’s centralized point of contact with financial institutions and provide you with ongoing analysis and research with the aim of helping you make more informed decisions and reducing time spent on these matters.
  • Client has more free time to focus on other matters.
  • Awareness and potential for reduced commissions, fees and expenses paid.
  • Clear focus on relevant information for improved decision making.
  • Reducing the burden of monitoring the investment portfolio.
Limited or delayed access to financial marketplace offerings. Through our platform, you will have improved access to a broad array of financial institutions, their products and services.
  • More investment opportunities.
  • Relevant ideas to your portfolio from diverse financial and economic research.
  • Ability to benchmark, compare and contrast investment proposals from various financial institutions.
  • Comparative analysis of solutions offered by institutions including fiduciary services, investment banking, real estate, etc.
Client frequently feels alone and at a disadvantage in an increasingly complex and competitive financial environment. A dedicated professional advisor who is on your side to help you achieve your family's financial objectives.
  • Improved investment decision making.
  • Better knowledge of the financial environment.